Landlocked is the word that best describes growing up in Bloomington, Indiana. Eleanor Krause discovered a love of rock climbing in the hills of Eastern Kentucky at a young age, but beyond that, the landscape of the Midwest felt like little more than a flat, corn-covered expanse that served merely as a crossroad between the East to the Wild West. It took only the gift of a guitar from her father when Eleanor was 13 for her to turn her attention to something more marvelous than the geography of her hometown. At this event, she finally became attuned to the sounds and songs being created in every corner of her life. Eleanor’s parents, Jim Krause and Anne Hurley, had been making matchless music together since she was young. Bloomington was, and still is, a hub of musical talent in Indiana. It was the perfect place to test her songwriting abilities while exploring the inspirations within the brilliant musicians all around.

Seven years and two thousand miles later, Eleanor has taken her guitar (and recently, her banjo) to Burlington, Vermont. She came to the town to study environmental studies and political science at the University of Vermont, but has discovered that there is far more to ascertain from the lovely community than her academic pursuits could provide alone. The mountains, streams, and shores are finally at her fingertips, as well as are the strings of her old guitar. Eleanor has developed an evocative and inimitable sound in her music that will soon be released in her first album to be unveiled within the coming months.